90% of small businesses in Australia fail because of poor cash flow*

We know how it feels when invoices, payroll and rent are due for your small business. Cash flow is the number one concern keeping business owners awake at night. 

At ipaymy, we help stretch your cash flow by paying your bills through your credit card so that you have more cash on hand to grow your business. 

We've helped over 30,000 ipaymy users in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong do just that. And we'll be in Australia soon.

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*Scottish Pacific SME Growth Index report 2019.

How ipaymy works

Three easy steps to instant cash flow


Pay rent, salary
or invoices with ipaymy

Your recipient does not need to accept credit cards or have an ipaymy account — all you need is their bank details.


ipaymy charges yourcredit card

ipaymy accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards. We charge a small fee per transaction.


ipaymy pays 
your expenses

Your recipient is paid via EFT or BPAY

 as early as the next business day.

Why businesses love paying with ipaymy

Choose how and when to pay your business expenses and unlock instant cash flow when you need it.

Hold onto your cash longer

Expenses are paid on-time while preserving your cash for up to 55 days.

Use your card to pay nearly anyone

Credit card acceptance is no longer a barrier when making your payments.

No contracts or subscriptions

Our pay-per-use pricing means you only pay when you need the cash flow the most.

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