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Turn Your Expenses Into Rewards

Watch the credit card rewards roll in with ipaymy as you pay rent, tuition, property management fees, child care and more with your preferred credit card. 

ipaymy is launching soon in Australia for Visa and Mastercard cardholders. Sign up now for an early access special offer. 

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Three easy steps to more credit card points




Pay an expense such as rent

ipaymy charges yourcredit card

ipaymy pays yourexpenses

Your recipient does not need to accept credit cards or have an ipaymy account - all you need is their bank details.

ipaymy charges a small fee for the transaction while you earn reward points.

Your recipient is paid via normal EFT or BPAY as early as the
next business day.

Features that you'll love

Real Time Payment Tracking

Keep track of your payments with real-time status updates

Easy Payment Scheduling

Send one-time payments, scheduled payments in advance, or set up a recurring schedule for payments like rent and tuition fees. 

ipaymy guarantees you will receive

your credit card points - if not your fee is refunded!

Split Payments

Spread your payments across multiple credit cards to optimise rewards and manage your balances.

Earn your dream vacation ticket faster

(be all set when it's good to fly again)

When you only use your credit card to pay for small ticket expenses such as groceries, dining and shopping, it can take years to earn enough points for that dream trip. 

Get that ticket faster when you use ipaymy and your credit card to pay for your large expenses like rent, tuition and child care.

Accelerate your points earn rate today!

With ipaymy you can use your credit card to pay:



Rent Deposit

Child care

Property Management Fees

And much more...

Stop missing out on reward points from your largest payments. Make the switch to ipaymy and watch the points roll in!

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ipaymy is coming to Australia

Sign up to convert your payments into credit card rewards. You'll receive a special early access offer.

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