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Your Business Can Accept Online Card Payments

for Free

What Your Business Gets:

How it Works:

Credit card acceptance* at 0% transaction fee

1. Claim this limited time offer by submitting your email

No pesky contracts, subscriptions or hidden fees

2. For 3 months ipaymy will waive the transaction          fees* on card payments made to your business

Direct bank settlements as fast as 2 business days

Full access to ipaymy's suite features

3. Once your monthly transaction volume limit is              reached ipaymy's standard fees apply

Unlimited billable clients and professional invoices

*Terms & Conditions:

1. Valid for all ipaymy registered business users with Be Paid account in Singapore, Hong Kong or Malaysia

2. Once enrolled in the program, the first month begins when your customer pays you by card. For example, if enrolled in the program on 4 July and next customer pays you by card on 15 July the first month of volume must be processed by 14 August. 15 August will then be the start of the second month and 15 September will be the start of the third month. 

3. Full ipaymy fee waiver (0% transaction fees) applies to the first:

  • Singapore - S$5,000
  • Malaysia - RM15,000
  • Hong Kong - HKD30,000 in transaction volume processed each month.

4. Once the monthly transaction volume is reached, the standard ipaymy fees apply until next month's fee waiver kicks in.

5. The program applies for three (3) consecutive months and waived transaction fees can not be carried over

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