Win a free 

business class ticket

Time to dust off your luggage!

Singapore added a fresh set of travel lanes AND ipaymy is giving away a free return business class ticket to one lucky customer.

Use the code FLYLUCKY when making your next payment.

Win a return business class ticket worth up to S$5,000 (T&Cs apply).

How it Works

Enter the code FLYLUCKY at checkout when making your next payment

Win a free business class ticket

You are entered in our lucky draw

The winner will be announced by 10 December 2021

Your Choice

The winner may select the airline, destination and dates of travel in 2022. Check the full terms and conditions below.



Enter the lucky draw before it's too late!

Don't miss your chance to explore the world again.

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1. The lucky draw is open to all users in Singapore.

2. To qualify for the lucky draw, a user must enter the code “FLYLUCKY” at checkout.

3. The entry period of the lucky draw is 1 November 2021 to 30 November 2021 (until 11:59 pm). Entries submitted after 30 November 2021 will not qualify. 

4. The “FLYLUCKY” code cannot be retroactively applied.

5. The qualifying payment must be for legitimate purposes and must comply with our Terms and Conditions.

6. Only one entry per person and per account is permitted. If a user is identified in attempting to submit multiple entries through multiple accounts their submissions will be disqualified.

The winner’s and ipaymy’s responsibilities

7. The winner will be announced and notified by 10 December 2021. 

8. The winner may select the airline, destination and dates of travel and ipaymy will purchase the business class ticket on the winner’s behalf.

9. The total value of the business class ticket must not exceed S$5,000. Should the value of the ticket exceed S$5,000, the winner may elect to ‘top up’ the difference to ipaymy. ipaymy will issue an invoice for the difference which may be paid to ipaymy. 

10. Travel must be completed within 2022.

11. The winner may designate a nominee to receive the business class ticket on their behalf.

12. ipaymy is not responsible for any flight cancellations, delays, or travel restrictions.

13. The winner is responsible for managing their booking after the ticket has been purchased. 

14. The winner is responsible for complying with local and international travel regulations. 

15. The winner covers all costs that occur after the initial purchase of the ticket. ipaymy will only cover the purchase of the ticket, which does not include accomodation, insurance, or any other costs associated with the winner's trip. 

16. The winner agrees to allow ipaymy to use their name and photo in ipaymy marketing communications, to include in social media.

17. The winner agrees to provide ipaymy with media such as pictures and videos of their, or their nominee’s plane journey and trip which may be used for advertising.