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InstantCash Flow for Your Business

ipaymy is a no contract, pay-per-use cash flow platform that never charges monthly fees or interest. 

Three Easy Steps to Instant Cash Flow

Use your credit card to pay your businesses' largest monthly operating expenses.




Pay Rent, Salary or Invoices

ipaymy Charges yourCredit Card

ipaymy Pays yourExpenses

Your recipient is paid by bank transfer

 as early as the next business day

ipaymy charges a small fee starting as low as 1.79% per transaction.

Your recipient does not need to accept credit cards or have an ipaymy account - all you need is their bank details.

How ipaymy Unlocks Cash Flow

Instead of paying your landlord, employee or supplier by bank transfer or cheque on Day 1 -

use your existing credit card to delay spending cash for up to 55-days.

Day 1
Day 30
Day 55
Charge Date
Statement Date
Payment Date

ipaymy charges your credit card for the expenses you have instructed us to pay. 

Your credit card statement will reflect the expenses we paid for you on Day 1.

Pay your credit card to cover your Day 1 expenses.

Cash Your 

Business Needs 

ipaymy can strengthen your business' cash flow in times of growth and preserve much needed cash when business is slow.

Watch the video to learn more. 

Why Businesses Love ipaymy

Choose how and when to pay your largest operating expenses, and unlock instant cash flow when you need it.




No Contracts or Subscriptions

Hold Onto Your Cash Longer

Use Your Card to Pay Nearly Anyone

Credit card acceptance is no longer a barrier when paying your largest operating expenses.

Our pay per use pricing means you only pay when you need cash flow most.

Rent, salaries and invoices are paid on-time while persevering your cash for up to 55 days.

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Get cash flow for your business today

No contracts. No subscriptions.

Just cash flow when you need it.

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