Just 1.88% for Rent, Salary, and Invoice Payments!

Minimum spend of $50,000 required. Applies to payments made in January and February 2018. After February 2018 standard rates will apply.

I am very happy with iPaymy, it is a reliable and convenient way to pay rent and service providers, who may not otherwise accept credit card as a payment method. iPaymy opens up a lot of possibilities for how I can manage my cash flow.
All devices
Manage all payments on one platform
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Safe & secure
PCI compliant and uses state of the art technology and servers to ensure your information stays safe.
Recurring payments
Say goodbye to monthly bank transfers

About iPaymy

Mark from ABS Agency Business Solutions

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The one platform you need for all your business expense

Access to Interest Free Credit
Leverage up to 55 days of interest free credit with no penalties, and no bank loans

Enjoy these benefits

Flexible Payment Terms
Pay vendors immediately but hold onto the cash for as long as your business needs it

Early Payment Discounts
Take advantage of early payment discounts and receive more favorable pricing from your suppliers

Earn Rewards
Earn airline miles, program points, or cash back when paying with your credit card

How it works

Here's how you can pay suppliers or invoices that doesn't accept credit cards

Pay business expenses 
Setup payments like rent, salaries, and invoices through iPaymy's secure platform.
Charged to your credit card
iPaymy charges your credit card for the amount of your expenses plus a one time transaction fee of 1.88%*.
Your recipient get paid via bank transfer
iPaymy processes your payments and pays the specified recipient via bank transfer within 4 business days.
Get up to 55 days interest free credit
You meet your payment obligations while keeping all of your cash on hand for up to 55-days paying ZERO INTEREST.

*Special Chinese New Year offer of 1.88% for payments made in Jan and Feb 2018 (after Feb standard rates apply) for minimum spending of over $50,000. Rates only apply for Singapore issued Visa and MasterCard branded cards. Rates do not apply for American Express or cards issued outside of Singapore. 

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